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LI 2019 July Newsletter Excerpt


Dear Light Institute Soul Friends,

The grip of the cosmic currents whispers a pulse--bringing us into worlds we have completely forgotten or have relegated to the domain of imagination.
By its very nature, spiritual experience is personal and must be validated by one's own self... Every flicker that comes into our consciousness, reminding us of us of divinity, is a precious beacon of light shining upon the truth of our Soul.
--Excerpt from Chris Griscom August 2019 Message

Cosmic Citizenry: "A precious beacon of Light shining upon the truth of our Soul."

Cosmic Citizenry Incarnational Sessions, only being offered in our LI Intensives, are created by Chris Griscom to "bring us into worlds we have completely forgotten." & To lead the way to our Human Destiny of 2020...

LI Light Ray

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